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Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Spring 2014


this is how I would doctor

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The reeling of the handle
The flickering of a candle

Flicking of a switch
Itching of a twitch

Cause and effect
Every action a consequence
History who can edit?
The past who can rewind?

Memories etching like woodscarving
Like sketches of graphite
Fading over time
Like water eroding the soil
Riding into oblivion over time

Details of a moment
How much can it be refined?
Feelings felt at that scene
How do we define?
Pictures is but a fraction
Of the totality
Of the intensity
Of that vividness
In the actual
Snapshots turning to factual

As surreal as it might seem
Pictures capture
A certain authenticity
A moment’s beauty
Aiding recollection
Reveling in remniscent
Viewed in the future
A treasure in essence


Let go and breathe
Close your eyes
Away from all
That tantalizes

He holds the world
In His hands
His plan will be realized
In the end

Be not afraid to love
Know your worth
In Christ alone
In your heart
Jesus be enthroned

King of all
King of love
King of my heart
My Beloved.

Waking Dawn


Aching creaking pine trees
No solace for refugees
Swirling whirling autumn leaves
Sorrow to my soul it cleaves
Dark in the forest
cold unrest
Beating wind
a raging tempest
Putting your faith to test
Creeping vines scarring lines
Searing fears these ears hear

Over the cliff
As the…

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Thy Roses


Thy black roses ashen
Of unspoken passion
Such apprehension
Black ink spills
Demanding love’s ransom

Ponder o’er thy feather and quill
Speak to me my love if you will
Aching beneath the oceans quel
With love my heart no longer swell
Peace within shall dwell
Thy roses laid and my soul well

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Mist drifting between trees
Hovering among the leaves
Doubts like the fog
How those thoughts hog

With each step
Seeking the light

Wandering deer
Come back
Shroud no more in misty thoughts
Battles that you have already fought
Leap into the light
My dear you are my delight

Come away
This fog to lift
The mist shift
Sunlight filtering

Now relieved
Left to yourself
No longer unfound
No longer bound
Free to believe

Rhythms of Waves

Missing the sound
Of waves crashing
On black rocks
Missing the stars
In the sky abound

Like waves pounding
On my heart
Relentless call
Mercy fall
Grace overflows

Your love deeper
Your love wider
Your love stronger
Your love brighter

Than the dark shadows
Of past of scars
Than the hollow gray
Of longing of sighing
Than the broken dreams
And regretful memories

Hear the sound
Hear it all around
Waves on the shore
Waves roar
How it pour

Kiss the rain
Rhythms of waves
Rhythms of grace
Rhythms of life


All grey and no ray
Dreary eyes
Tired life
How long more
What to hold on for

Hope an illusion
Love a delusion
Life full of friction

More than this
There’s got to be more

Come! Bellows a voice
Rest! You have a choice

Come away from the storm
Break out of normity
Out of conformity

Flee the ruin
Its only the beginning

Come away to Rest
In His arms to stay
From His light never stray
Walk with Him today and everyday
With Jesus:)

I always wonder if we would be willing enough to jump out of the ship like Peter did, would we really walk on the rough seas toward Jesus? Would we really have the courage and devotion that Peter had? Yes he doubted, yes he started to fall but don’t we all? How many times have we stepped out expecting the seas to calm, when that’s not what was supposed to happen.

We are to walk in the midst of the storm, and when we fall, we must be like Peter, crying out for Christ; because He is faithful to hear and save you. Too many of us have drowned, and I know that breaks the heart of Christ.

He is always waiting for us, we just need to be willing to cry out to Him; for one day we will walk on waters and have faith that moves mountains, because we know that our God is faithful in coming to our aid.

—   T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

(via tblaberge)

“We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.”

—   Eric Hoffer (via psych-facts)